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 PT.Transact V1.7

  • Enhanced You can now record client notes against client records!

  • Enhanced You can now record notes when recording client sessions!

  • Enhanced You can now record Invoice Notes when selling an invoice. Notes you enter are included on emailed invoices to clients.

  • Enhanced You can now customise your own receipt headers and footers! Go to Settings to customise your own text to appear at the top and bottom of invoices.

  • Enhanced Swipe-to-Pay! You can pay an invoice by swiping to the left on an invoice in the Client's Invoice list. This is a handy, quick way of making a payment as it saves you from having to tap on the invoice, then tapping on the menu button then tapping on 'Pay Invoice'.

  • Enhanced Completely redesigned the client invoice and statement templates! They are now much more professional and clean looking. They also include the ability to display your own custom headers/footers and invoice notes.

  • Enhanced Added "Bank Transfer" as a payment method when selling.

  • Changed Freshened the visual appearance of the app.

  • Changed When you tap on either the email address or phone number when viewing a client's record, you are now prompted if you'd like to send an email or phone the client.

  • Changed The Sessions History list in the Client Details screen now displays notes (if any) under each session date instead of the word 'Attended'.

  • Changed A whole bunch of minor UI tweaks'n'stuff.

  • Fixed A few minor bugs.



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