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ClientConnect now integrates with DebitConnect powered by the global payment solutions provider, IntegraPay.

This powerful partnership between ClientConnect and IntegraPay offers ClientConnect customers a fully integrated billing service, streamlining and automating your billing safely and securely.


Discover the most complete end-to-end business management solution.


IntegraPay billing solutions add immense value to your business by seamlessly integrating with ClientConnect Club Management Software. Creating one solution that allows you to manage your client accounts, bill and reconcile payments, all from within one, single intuitive management package. Ensuring client payment and billing records are always up to date.
As integration increases the usability of your club management system, familiarity makes administration easier and more streamlined reducing the potential for costly double entry errors, inevitable when using multiple software packages or third party debit providers. Notification management too is completely automated, notifying clients of upcoming payments and automatically reattempts failed card payments to maximise your overall business revenue.

Using IntegraPay's payment services also improves your security as all transactions are processed within the IntegraPay, PCI DSS data centre. Ensuring that all sensitive account data is tokenised before storage within our secure card vault, supporting your required PCI compliance requirement.

“Given IntegraPay's expertise in processing millions of credit card transactions each year globally, the partnership gives ClientConnect customers peace of mind knowing they are protected using the IntegraPay gateway service and solutions.”

ntegraPay has been certified by Sense of Security, a provider of payment card industry compliance, and a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) registered with the PCI Security Standards Council. IntegraPay is listed as a PCI-DSS Compliant Service Provider on Visa’s comprehensive listing. IntegraPay’s Certificate of PCI Compliance can be viewed at www.integrapay.com.au

IntegraPay's ClientConnect integration adds real value to your management practices and makes being in business so much easier… and profitable!


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